Coz the Shroom

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for collectors, I will try to play out and hawk my merchandise and get things in a few stores, or you may contact me by email or snail mail if you would like to buy a  product, autographed or not, at your request.
email me at, with BARBARIANCLAN REQUEST in all capitols in the subject field.
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Shahrom Hawley
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Don't be fooled by the title, that's Heathen Punch right there above!

Soundtrack album for "Shadowes! (the musical)"
re-recorded with new vocals, from the re-envisioned
"Shadowes!" film.

Shah Ram, Coz the Shroom's cassette comeback.  These will be sold as cassettes in live merchandise.
The Zip file contains graphics for CD and CASSETTE!

The Satanic Rites of Coz the Shroom is a collection of re-envisioned songs from throughout my career, with spiritual themes-- rather dark ones!
includes booklet about song origins and lyrics

This could well be the flawless signature album of my career, now including a bonus folder containing live performances of two songs on the album.

 Soundtrack to a film project I began when I noticed one of my favorite films had no score and which ended when I removed the unauthorized re-cut from youtube and lost the data to a bad HD.

A spontaneus burst of creativity one summer led to the most ambitious science fiction stories ever told.  Insert includes a glossary of key narrative elements and a guide to a written language I invented, structurally unlike any alphabet known to man!